Renewed: 13 Reasons Why

13 new episodes for 13 Reasons Why in 2019.

Netflix has renewed 13 Reasons Why for a third season.

The news comes just under three weeks after the launch of Season 2 on May 18. Season 3, which will consist of 13 episodes, will go into production later this year for a 2019 return.

Series creator Brian Yorkey will return as showrunner on the third season. Aussie Katherine Langford has already confirmed she won’t be in season three.

This series has attracted further concerns around its sensitive subject but Netflix has offered resources at 13ReasonsWhy.info including an updated Discussion Guide and a new Discussion Series – a set of videos where cast address issues in the series including bullying, sexual assault and drug abuse.

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  1. Apparently the second season was terrible. Interesting to see if this is corrected in Season 3 along with major concerns about the controversial topics it seems to have. It seems they cram as much shock value into the show as possible (based on I Hate Everything’s review). I watched a couple episodes of season 1. Story was bland, acting was mediocre and plot moved so incredibly slowly that it seemed to struggle for that hour mark. Will be interested to see how it “starts a conversation” next year…

  2. I did try to watch this show mostly out of curiosity and did not finish episode one, the concept is emotive and for younger viewers more in tune with contemporary lifestyle attitudes, in some ways it was voyeuristic which of course would find appeal withe the Me Too generation and perhaps those who may have issues of their own. Netflix gambled and won on this show but how it will last further seasons without degenerating into a soap I have no idea, perhaps that’s Netflix’s plan as well.

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