Returning: First Dates

A new season of First Dates begins on Monday on Seven.

A new season of the cheap & cheerful First Dates begins on Monday, replacing The Mentor which wrapped earlier this week.

The series is produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

Tonight, more hopeful singles face the most intense date of their lives with discreet cameras following their every move!

A tradie looking for a lady, a pageant king “Mr. Australiana” and a country bumpkin head to the big smoke looking for love.

At the end of every date, every couple must decide…will they see each other again?

8:45pm Monday on Seven.

3 Responses

  1. I enjoy this show, but putting it up against my favourite show, HYBPA is very annoying. I guess i’ll have to record First Dates and watch it Tuesday night and use my fast forward button to watch it add free!

  2. Love this program ( Moreso the UK version) but it’s good light hearted fun that entertains with no guns, violence or unnecessary bitchiness/rudeness/drama. Bringing people together without the need for sex and crudeness. If only it would rate a bit better, it might make MKR take a look and maybe refresh next season

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