Ryan Murphy admits what we all knew about Glee

"I think that I lost my way a little bit," creator concedes.

Ryan Murphy has finally conceded what we all knew about those later seasons of Glee -they had some dreadful episodes.

After some wonderful moments in earlier seasons, he told Entertainment Tonight, “My favourite seasons of Glee were 1 and 2. We really created them in a bubble, and we didn’t care what other people thought, and we made it for us. And then what happened with me is, the show became a phenomenon.

“It was the first time ever that I got sucked into that fan social media stuff. Then, you would read about who people would like, and I think that I lost my way a little bit.”

Referring to his new series Pose, he added, “And I’m not doing that in this. If I was influenced by those other things, then I don’t think [writer/producers] Steven Canals and Janet Mock and Our Lady J would ever let me, anyway. So I feel like there’s just more checks and balances in place with this show.”

Pose, which centres around the the ballroom culture of New York City in 1987, is due to screen in Australia on Foxtel.

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  1. I watched every episode even though it got really bad in the later seasons. It started off strong but they became a victim of their own success. They should have finished after season 3 when the characters all should have graduated. I also wish the show kept its darker humour in the first few episodes instead of going for a broader humour and then a meta-“humour” to avoid actually writing anything funny.

  2. The first half of season 1 was the best that the series had to offer, and I remember getting hooked when TEN played a Friday night marathon of repeats at the height of its popularity.

    The second season is mostly a mixed bag, but solid when compared to subsequent seasons. Season 3 had more misses than hits, season 4 was an absolute disaster with the ill-conceived cookie-cutter replacements of the graduated characters and I stopped watching at Shooting Star (I never got through the episode).

    I tuned in again for Monteith’s farewell in season 5 and watched a few from 6, but my interest in the show was already long dead.

  3. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, but when I got to he third it was like, “we get it, Sue Sylvester hates the Glee club and wants to shut it down…”. I think I stopped watching after a couple episodes and never went back.

  4. I really enjoyed Glee back in 2009, hadn’t seen a show like it. Jane Lynch really made her character her own, loved it! And the talented singing cast, I even remember downloading their first album on iTunes and their cover of “Don’t Stop Believing”.

    But lost interest around 2011/2012, eventually so too did Ten.

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