SBS adds more FIFA World Cup matches in wake of #floptus

SBS has just announced 4 more FIFA World Cup matches following ongoing problems with Optus streaming.

In addition to the previously scheduled matches between Tunisia v England from 3.30am* tomorrow morning and Colombia v Japan from 9.30pm* tomorrow evening, SBS will broadcast every 2018 FIFA World Cup match live for the next 48 hours on television.

The FIFA World Cup™ is a true multicultural celebration that unites Australia’s diverse communities and SBS is pleased to be bringing more of the tournament to Australian audiences.


Group F Sweden v Korea Republic LIVE from 9.40pm* on SBS (kick-off 10pm*) NEW


Group G Belgium v Panama LIVE from 12.45am* on SBS (kick-off 1am*) NEW

Group G Tunisia v England LIVE from 3.30am* on SBS (kick-off 4am*)

Group H Colombia v Japan LIVE from 9.30pm* on SBS (kick-off 10pm*)


Group H Poland v Senegal LIVE from 12.30am* on SBS (kick-off 1am*) NEW

Group A Russia v Egypt LIVE from 3.30am* on SBS (kick-off 4am*) NEW

SBS’s existing 2018 FIFA World Cup™ programming schedule including FIFA World Cup Today highlights show at 5.30pm* daily and the SBS Match of the Day replay at 6.30am* daily will remain in place.

*All times in AEST and subject to change



  1. To everyone commenting, SBS bought all of the rights to World cup, but onsold a lot of them to Optus sport in exchange for 1 premier league match per week. TV tonight can make this part of all your updates please. I do not work for Optus BTW.

    • SBS did on sale the right as they had to pay more for the rights than in previous tournaments. Plus SBS had significant federal budget cuts which formed part of the decision to on sell the rights – Do we include a compromised NBN aswell into this????
      There are a number of factors that had lead up to this and didn’t just start with SBS on selling World Cup rights. I don’t work for SBS or Optus BTW.

      • Commercial decision by sbs purely and solely nothing to do with budget cuts the chance to showcase EPL was the main motivator for SBS gives them a platform to show case their programming to an audience that would otherwise not be there .fact is the World Cup is the bigges sporting event in the world and FTA coverage of which sbs had the rights should have never been on sold the anti sibling laws should not allow on selling to pay tV .i have paid for fetch tV and glad I did it’s brilliant the broadcast Optus are giving us better than sbs and I have no issues with my coverage via the fetch box .

    • Do you work for Foxtel though…..?
      The contra deal between Optus and SBS is actually beneficial to both parties.
      SBS get more football and their ratings spread out over 139 matches (25 WC and 114 EPL) instead of 64. And it is spread out 3 years instead of 5-6 weeks.
      Optus get a bigger share of the market they desire. They got publicity, albeit this isn’t good publicity. But they got publicity when they purchased the EPL rights nonetheless. And they have advertising (which I think is part of the deal) during SBS’ EPL coverage.
      It’s not any fault of SBS that Optus’ streaming service isn’t up to scratch.

  2. I wonder what will happen if the following scenario plays out A) the additional games that SBS have been allowed to be broadcast, does not impact on the Optus issues, but the remainder of the games exclusive to Optus after this 48hr period are plagued with issues (which is what I reckon will happen) then what happens next?

    • You bet. Many of us were resigned to only seeing bits of it. Having said that, I don’t wish more problems on optus. Like the census, it is sad to be the victim of your event being too successful.

  3. Interesting. It seems odd that they wouldn’t have just played them anyway. Would SBS have just bought the rights to broadcast the additional matches?

    What of the remaining matches? Are they not broadcast at all (even via On Demand) to cut costs?

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