The Block confirms 2018 contestants

These 5 teams are ready for a reno rumble at The Gatwick in St. Kilda.

Nine this week announced the cast for its 14th season of The Block with more colour-coded teams ready for a fight in hard-hats.

This season, filmed at The Gatwick in St. Kilda received 45,000 applications.

“I knew it was a fantastic, iconic building, and I knew it had so much potential, so I was very excited when I heard The Gatwick would be our next project,” said host Scott Cam.

“This series brings us right back to where we started in Bondi in 2003,” said Executive Producer, Julian Cress.

“We filmed in summer, which gives it a flavour that hasn’t been seen on The Block for a very long time.”

The series is expected to launch following the season of Australian Ninja Warrior.

Five couples. One iconic building. The biggest construction in Block history.

What could possibly go wrong? Welcome to The Block 2018.

Mention “The Gatwick” to anyone living in Melbourne and chances are they’ll have an opinion. Starting her life as a grand hotel, she has recently fallen from grace. Eyesore, blight, dump are just some of the choice words that have been used to describe her. A perfect project for Australia’s biggest reality TV show. Enter The Block!

The Gatwick is in the heart of one Australia’s most famous postcodes – St Kilda, host to famous landmarks such as Luna Park, the Palais Theatre, the cultural hub of Acland Street – and is just minutes away from the beach.

The five eager new teams chosen from a record-breaking 45,000 entries are:

Bianca (36) and Carla (35), netballing besties from Melbourne, VIC
Kerrie (49) and Spence (47), married couple from the Barossa Valley, SA
Sara (31) and Hayden (45), newlywed parents from The Shire, NSW
Hans (37) and Courtney (33), loved-up couple from Perth, WA
Norm (40) and Jess (33), engaged parents from the Sunshine Coast, QLD

Scott Cam is once again joined by co-host Shelley Craft, along with judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, “The Blockinator”, foreman Keith Schleiger, and his right-hand man, Dan Reilly.

The juggernaut ratings for The Block in 2017 proved once again that Australia cannot get enough of the renovation reality series. Last year’s results confirmed The Block as Australia’s richest reality show.

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  1. Umm. don’t they always film in summer?? I’m a little blocked out! I wouldn’t mind if it went of the air for a season or 2 and then came back on.

    1. Very harsh replies to peejaybee’s comment. I too am wondering why there hasn’t been a gay male team for years. Comments such as “Grow up” and ” go educate yourself” are uncalled for in my opinion, considering the original comment was obviously tongue in cheek.

      1. it would be nice to have another gay male couple, maybe a less stereotypical gay couple this time.. I in no way think the production is homophobic. they have 2 gay male judges and had a lesbian couple on 2 seasons ago. I hate when shows try to tick every box just to be politically correct.

  2. Wonder how long it takes for the lefties to start whinging and whining like they do every year? #TooWhite? Where’s the diversity? Cultural representation, blah di blah.

    1. Nine exec November 2017: “We acknowledge that our casting lags the reality of the demographic changes in Australia. I think we are addressing it; we’re addressing it slowly but we will die if we do not reflect the audience in the stories we tell.” I’m pretty sure I asked about diversity this season in a producer chat but that story will come later.

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