Auditions: You Can’t Ask That

Series 4 of the ABC’s award-winning You Can’t Ask That is now in production and n the hunt for new participants.

The series will return to ABC in 2019 with eight new episodes.

In 2019 You Can’t Ask That will cast a net wider than ever before, putting diverse subjects under the microscope: alcoholics, Africans, survivors of domestic violence, former politicians, strippers, people who have killed someone (accidentally or intentionally), Olympic gold medalists, people who’ve been bullied, disaster survivors, intersex, lotto winners and travelling show people (“carnies”).

The series confronts prejudice and discrimination by offering searing insights into the lives of diverse Australians who live in judgement. By asking only the hard questions (submitted anonymously online) and allowing interviewees to answer in their own words, the series adds new voices, surprising insights and fresh perspectives to subjects often dismissed.


    • Not all of them will get made either due to a lack of interesting subjects, logistical reasons etc.

      In fact, some of those topics were proposed for the current season but didn’t end up getting made (such as the proposed lotto winners and intersex episodes).

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