You Can’t Ask That, Spicks & Specks resting in 2023.

Two ABC favourites are out for 2023 and others are yet to be decided.

ABC interview series You Can’t Ask That is not expected to screen in 2023, one of several shows not on ABC’s Upfront list last week.

Acting Head of Entertainment & Specialist Jennifer Collins told TV Tonight, “I believe we’re resting it. We will continue with You Can’t Ask That, but we haven’t got that on the 2023 Slate at this time.”

The series, developed by producers Kirk Docker and Aaron Smith in 2016 has become a big success for the broadcaster, praised for its candid spotlight on minorities and eclectic characters often overlooked by most broadcasters.

Also not returning next year is the even longer-running music trivia hit, Spicks & Specks.

“It will be back but we haven’t got broadcast date – it won’t be 2023.”

Put that down to the in-demand talents of one Adam Hills, who hosts The Last Leg in the UK and has sell-out stand up shows.

Less clear are several other ABC favourites. While it’s too soon to announce a new season of Fisk, others are yet to be decided.

They include Sammy J, Tomorrow Tonight, Win the Week and Aftertaste -the latter could happily fall into ABC’s tendency to rest for a year before returning. Last week Utopia was announced for its 5th Nation Building season.


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  1. No Spicks & Specks for 2023 is disappointing. I really enjoyed the Mystery Song. Can’t Josh Earl or someone else fill in for Adam? What about Frankly, The Set and The Sound?

  2. “I believe we’re resting it. We will continue with You Can’t Ask That, but we haven’t got that on the 2203 Slate at this time.”

    2203? not surprising.

  3. I can understand both of those drawcards having a fallow year. Both deserve it. The few episodes of last season of S&S I saw seemed … not tired, but a little self-indulgent. More “upset” about YCAT. I don’t have many ‘appointent’ shows, but it was one.

  4. I’m glad Spicks and Specks will be returning hopefully in 2024. Always have a lot of fun watching that.
    As for You Can’t Ask that it probably wouldn’t hurt to leave it a year or two as its been on air for a long time.

  5. What a bummer that “You Can’t Ask That” looks like being rested, it’s a great show where people get to tell viewers their side. Every topic has been divisive, interesting and just let the participants say it how it is without judgement or censorship. Kudos to those on it and those making it. Not happy Auntie.

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