Courtney Act gets her own show in the UK

We’re a long way from Australian Idol now…

Aussie drag queen Courtney Act has landed her own late night talk show with Britain’s Channel 4.

Dubbed the world’s first ‘Dragazine show’, The Courtney Act Show will feature an array of celebrity guests, studio items and music numbers.

Act, aka Shane Jenek, said, “This is my show and I say come on in, all you heroic misfits, those of you who are a bit chipped around the edges…I want to welcome you all.

“You bring the open minds and I’ll bring the open bar and we’ll meet in the middle for a gay old time!”

Courtney Ac was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK in February and was a finalist on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

She came to prominence on the first season of Australian Idol alongside Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll and Rob Mills.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Never imagined the young Courtney we saw perform her drag act at the Midnight Shift 15 years ago would get this far, but she has always been amazingly talented.

  2. Well it looks like winning CBB is paying off for her……. there are other people of the LGBTI communities I would prefer to see on TV

  3. I always thought this would have been an excellent idea for an Aussie show. Hopefully it will do well with British audiences and we get to see it too. SBS should buy it.

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