Five Bedrooms new drama for TEN

New romantic comedy about 5 friends buying a house together to be produced by Brisbane prdn co.

TEN has a new drama series in the pipeline, called Five Bedrooms.

The 8 part romantic comedy sees “Five unlikely friends take a bold leap onto the property ladder by buying a house together. It could be genius, it could be a disaster – but they’re not putting their lives on hold any longer.”

Produced by Brisbane-based Hoodlum Entertainment (Secrets & Lies, Harrow, Tideland), the one hour drama is written by Michael Lucas & Christine Bartlett and executive produced by Nathan Mayfield & Tracey Robertson.

TEN is yet to formally announce the series, its first romantic comedy since Offspring and The Wrong Girlor any confirmed cast. In the past it has found success with housemate dramas such as The Secret Life of Us but Wonderland wrapped after two seasons.

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  1. Interesting concept, immediately reminded me of Wonderland (before getting to the last line) but I never watched The Secret Life of Us to compare. More drama in general – especially for Ten can only be a good thing for the industry and viewers, hopefully something to launch in the first quarter next year since they were missing a drama this year. Also because they’re Brisbane based would be great to see it shot in Queensland rather than the usual Syd/Mel productions we generally see.

  2. Five unlikely friends never buy houses together well very uncommon lol… I mean I know it’s just a series but would be good if dramas these days are somehow more appealing etc and have storylines where everyday people can relate too… Who knows this new series might work but I’m not sure about the intro..

    1. I get what you mean, 5 really good friends might buy a place but 5 ‘unlikely’ friends would be a nightmare, I doubt you would even agree on a location. I always thought that about Sex and the City, in real life those 4 would never have been friends. So I can see it would make for good story lines but not realistic but this is comedy, not reality TV so… If it’s 2 friends then that would be easier to manage, but working out a contract for 5, what happens when someone wants to sell out and move on or bring home partners, 5 way split sounds like a huge mess but I guess that is what they are going for. In saying that, a reality TV show of 5 friends might be interesting from a social experiment point of view but thats kind of been done over and over again in Big Brother formats etc.

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