Protest at Seven Melbourne over ‘racist’ news coverage

A rally held by Melbourne’s African community is kicking off out the front of Channel 7. The peaceful protest is in response to a recent episode of Sunday Night that many have deemed racist.

Posted by NITV on Friday, July 27, 2018

African communities staged a peaceful protest outside Seven’s Melbourne headquarters at Docklands yesterday following recent reportage on Seven News and Sunday Night.

Hundreds attended the rally carrying signs that read “Shame Shame On The Racial Vilification Game” and “Racist Gangs Out Of Parliament”.

On the event’s Facebook page organisers wrote they “acknowledged the victims of crime across Victoria from all communities and by no means do we condone the actions of those young offenders committing crime. But the truth is simple: the media has created a moral panic and the actions of the few should not be a representation of our community as a whole. Channel 7’s shameful campaign to denigrate the African Community has seen our community declared guilty till proven innocent in the court of public opinion.”

It comes after Laa Chol, 19, was killed last week at a party in a Melbourne CBD apartment, a crime that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton linked to gang activity. “We have people in our community who do the wrong thing, but that is just like any other community,” Protest co-organiser Titan Debirioun, 19, said.

“To have your leader, people in positions in power in politics … to single out my community and say something … that isn’t true, that is hurtful. I am disappointed with the leadership in our country.”

Seven recently defended its coverage on a Sunday Night story saying, “Sunday Night stands by every element of the report broadcast last week. It was a fair and factual report that gave context to an ongoing and important issue in Melbourne.”

Source: Pedestrian, NITV, News Corp


  1. Sorry but haven’t we all heard of MEOCS?(NSW’s Middle East Organised Crime Squad.) If it exists then let’s talk about it and fight to stop it not just dumb it down to being about racism. Deflecting from a serious issue that is being forced by a particular group of people is doing the people that want to make the country a better place to live no favours.

    • Funny that “Middle East” is now being conflated with “African”. Makes it hard to believe that “a particular group of people” is intended to mean ‘criminals’, rather than ‘not my type, but those other people. Y’know, /them/…’.

      Anyway, didn’t NSW disband its MEOCS? Like it did the Asian Crime Squad before it? And the Italian Organised Crime Taskforce before that?

  2. It’s interesting that the ethnic community allegedly causing problems in Melbourne has a similar population in Sydney, but apparently without the problems that the community experiences in Melbourne.

    Perhaps this is because there is a significant difference between the approach to law and order between VIC and NSW. In Victoria, the police are reluctant to stop crime. Even just a few weeks ago, dozens of teenagers trashed a home while dozens of police stood outside as spectators, even ignoring the pleadings of the house owner for them to stop the destruction.

    The police are not completely to blame because they know that the Victorian judiciary will find every excuse to let the crims off if the crims are brought to trial. The Vic judiciary seem to sympathise more with the crims than their victims or the community. Victoria’s new slogan: “Victoria: the crim friendly State”.

    • Condex: Vic. police force, apologies Vic. police service is now so politicised that it has become demoralised and feeble. You are absolutely correct.

  3. I have been a victim of armed robbery twice as a bank teller. I’ve had my home broken into and valuables stolen. And I’ve been physically assaulted numerous times. All of these offences were committed by white Australians. Put it in perspective.

    • They should be protesting in support for the innocent victims of all crimes who have their homes damaged, property destroyed or stolen.

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