Returning: UnREAL

Season 4 of UnREAL returns to Stan in less than 2 week's time.

Season 4 of UnREAL returns to Stan in less than 2 week’s time.

Two seasons were filmed back to back after the show did not screen in 2016, and whilst not confirmed, this season is expected to be the last.

As previously revealed, this includes ‘returning Everlasting contestants’ including Aussie Adam Demos.

UnREAL, starring Shiri Appleby and Emmy-nominee Constance Zimmer as ruthless producers on the fictional reality dating show ‘Everlasting’, enjoyed a hugely successful third season on Stan only earlier this year.

In Season 4, Rachel (Appleby) and Quinn (Zimmer) return to the set of ‘Everlasting’ changed by the events of last season. In an effort to prove herself to be “loveable” Rachel has moulded herself into a suitress of sorts, determined to find a man. Quinn has spent the summer on a honeymoon cruise with Chet and has completely removed herself from planning the season. With old contestants, and a new format, this season is poised to be even more dramatic than ever.

The brand new season will see the return of fan favourite contestants including ‘August’, the do-gooder hippie played by Australia’s Adam Demos (Janet King), Russia’s bad-boy ballerina ‘Alexi’ played by Alex Sparrow (Dancing with the Stars Russia) and ‘Faith’ Season 1’s closeted Christian contestant played by Breeda Wool (Mr. Mercedes, Midnight Texas).

Tuesday July 17 on Stan.

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    1. Me too. There just wasn’t enough content for me to subscribe to it for all 12 months, so I’ll also get a one month sub when the season wraps up. Pity Stan doesn’t have a daily or weekly rate 🙂

  1. Goodness me! Well, that is good news. I didn’t warm to season 3, but I do love the main returning characters: Quinn, Chet, and Rachael. Every time I think I might rest my Stan account for a bit, they pull out another really good show!

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