Bumped: Bull

Michael Weatherley drama is moving to Tuesdays on TEN.

Bull is now confirmed for its new timeslot of 9pm Tuesdays from next week, replacing Shark Tank which concluded last night, which is also where NCIS used to play.

This follows Street Smart moving to Monday nights next week following Have You Been Paying Attention?

TEN is yet to confirm an 8-10pm slot this Sunday, which will probably be a movie given that Pilot Week intercedes the following week.

Meanwhile Instinct also wrap tonight on TEN with Mean Girls movie in its place next week after The Bachelor. I guess Devil Wears Prada went to Seven…. too harsh?

Bull continues with S2E14 “Keep Your Friends Close.”

Bull assists in the FBI’s case against a hacker they believe breached air traffic control at LaGuardia Airport. Cable risks everything to prove his innocence.

9pm Tuesday on TEN.

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  1. So I guess Madam Secretary has been dumped for a couple of weeks too then? Honestly, we might get this season finished some time this year. The next season is about to start in the US & we’re still on the last one.

  2. You’d hate to be a bull fan. It’ll have a different timeslot or pulled the following Tuesday because of pilot week.
    It really Seems like pilot week should’ve launched last week with Russel coight this week as a big starter for it.
    Let’s face it, after pilot week there’s going to be more shuffling. Sports Tonight can’t stay there.

  3. “Keep Your Friends Close.”…strange how that is a fairly new NCIS episode title. Bull may end its season before the next season 16 of NCIS starts. Maybe it will stay on Sunday nights.

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