Interview: Aug 7

In the final Interview for the year Andrew Denton speaks with Canadian journalist & author Amanda Lindhout, kidnapped by Islamist insurgents in southern Somalia and held for 15 months in 2008.

Amanda Lindhout
They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Days after landing in war-torn Somalia, Amanda Lindhout, then a young freelance journalist, was kidnapped by professional ransom hunters.

She would spend the next 15 horrific months held hostage in captivity, subjected to harrowing tortures, rapes and death threats before being freed.

But Amanda’s heart-wrenching tale of survival is just the beginning.

Amazingly, she has chosen to respond to the brutality of a life torn apart with a message of forgiveness for her captors.

Amanda is a true survivor.

8:45pm Tuesday on Seven.

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