Andrew Denton: Interview: July 2

Next week Andrew Denton sits down with the very affable Stephen Curry.

Next week on Interview Andrew Denton sits down with the very affable Stephen Curry.

The irony is it’s also in the same timeslot that Mr. Black was screening. But at least we’ve avoided going head to head.

Australia loved Stephen Curry in The Castle. It loved him as Graham Kennedy in The King. From his teenage debut in Fast Forward, he’s been a constant presence on our screens, appearing in projects as different as Blue Heelers, The Secret Life Of Us, Cloudstreet, and this year’s Mr Black.

He’s also famous for a decade of Toyota ads with his pal Dave Lawson, in which the duo relived some of the greatest moments in sport.

In this revealing interview with Andrew, you’ll meet many of the Stephen Currys you may not already know: song and dance man, raconteur, exiled cub scout, larrikin, champion plate spinner, inventor of odd sports, altar boy, part-time serial killer, mooning specialist and devoted husband and father of two.

He’s funny. He’s charming. He can bullshit with the best. No wonder Australia loves him.

Tuesday July 2 at 9pm on Seven.

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  1. I’ll watch this because Denton seems to bring out the best in people, and I often like the person more after seeing them interviewed. I hope this is the case with Stephen Curry, because I don’t like to dislike people.

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