Airdate: Mr. Black

10 will screen its new comedy series Mr. Black on Tuesday nights from early May.

The eight-part CJZ series is created by writer, actor and producer Adam Zwar (Wilfred, Agony series) and features Stephen Curry, Nadine Garner, Nick Russell, Sophie Wright and Paul Denny.

Updated: NCIS will move to 9pm from May 7 for its last 3 eps of the season (it is out next week as Bachelor moves to 8:30).

Stephen Curry plays 48-year-old Mr. Black. A recently retired, old-school sports journalist, whose mortality is staring him in the face.

He has lived a full life, but has no intention of going gently into the night – especially when there’s so much to be angry about.

And now because of his failing health, he is forced to move in with his daughter Angela and her sensitive boyfriend Fin, to receive extra care.

It’s game on when Mr. Black thinks everything is wrong with his daughter’s Mr. Right, and he will stop at nothing to come between them. The ailing father strives to fulfil one last wish – to break up the relationship between his daughter and her boyfriend in this generational tug of war.

What unfolds is a hilarious and relentless psychological arm-wrestle between a proud GenXer and a bemused Millennial where the winner gets to share a house with Angela, and the loser moves out to never darken their doorstop again..

Tuesday, May 7 at 8.40pm on 10.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Well Gaz congratulations for your great work to be able to retire at mid forties with your bro. But can you agree this is not a normal situation for 95 per cent of working Aussies ??

  2. thedirtydigger

    A recently retired 48 year old ? Really I’m not sure how many people would be retired ( or could afford to be ) retired at 48…and surely too young for ” failing health ” I would think.
    The premise is a bit of a stretch already…

  3. Whenever I’ve seen the ads for this it just feels so oddly cast… Stephen Curry is only like 9yrs older than Nick Russell… plus Curry is also a ‘youthful’ looking guy… the dynamic just doesn’t look right for the story they’re aiming for

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