Pilot Week vote: Would you watch more of Bring Back… Saturday Night?

Time to vote as Rove McManus hosts the last of TEN's Pilot Week offerings.

The last of TEN’s Pilot Week offerings has now aired.

Rove McManus hosted variety show Bring Back… Saturday Night live to air.

How did it stand up? Which parts did you enjoy and would you watch more if it continued in series form?

Rove McManus is on a mission to bring back Saturday night entertainment.

Join his quest to reunite Australia’s greatest acts, bands, and television faces in a generation-bending live television show where young performers will bring back the best of the past, and old-school entertainers will be challenged with reinvention.

Expect sketches, guests, music and nothing but feel-good moments as Rove finds the comedy and laughs by breaking down the conventions of entertainment and variety television.

Would you watch more of Bring Back Saturday Night?

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34 Responses

  1. Overall a good effort, particularly as it was staged in such a small studio and from something I read, apparently with limited set up and availability of facilities – so I assume that would have forced rushed tech checks and rehearsals. Didn’t like Merrick, have never rated him and the surprise didn’t really work – needed more detailed office workshopping/planning methinks. Delta segment worked well and Delta was funny, but as I watched I kept thinking Ellen. Agree with most comments here that it needed to have a 90 + open ended and/or 120 min running time so things wouldn’t be as frantic as they seemed. Loved Judith’s voice overs, but at the duration of some of them with Rove just in effect doing nothing on camera, I think she needed to be seen on camera in the VO booth, maybe a spot the control room itself or a studio commentary position. Music production was spot on but a longer…

  2. I’m surprised by all the positive comments. I thought it was awful. Rove’s first joke mentioning Daryl Summers was funny, I thought we were on to a good start. But after Merrick crashed a wedding, watching the people who looked like they wished it wasn’t happening, I couldn’t take no more.

  3. Saturday Night was awesome! So great to have a variety, light entertainment show on telly again. I watched every pilot week show and this one i loved the most by far and i still enjoyed all the other shows.

  4. It was fantastic I thought. Rove is just such a capable host of this sort of thing…

    I agree it needs to be 90 minutes. If they can stretch Survivor unnecessarily like they do, surely this sort of stuff deserves to be longer… even two hours ?

  5. Was ok, but, everything seemed to be rushed, and everyone was yelling.
    Maybe this was because of the time constraints, maybe it should be 30mins longer, so they can calm down and relax a bit.
    Will give it a chance to settle in, and let them fine tune it…

  6. It’s about time we had a Saturday Night Live variety show again! There hasn’t been one in 19 years! (since 1999) Great segments, funny Stand up comedy. Live cross to Melbourne & Brisbane. Excellent! Great live music too! Very entertaining! Hope it’s a regular show!!!

  7. I hope it gets picked up. God to have a live variety show on our screens again and rove doing what he does best. But the ratings are very poor Especially after a resonalble lead in. Hope it goes ahead with larger budget and better production values. even if it is another night.

  8. I reckon it needs to be on a Sunday evening, or back to mid week like Rove Live. Nobody watches FTA TV on a Saturday unless it’s sport or the news!

  9. Great stuff, loved it and especially the Delta behind the counter scenes. Judith Lucy voice so so, preferred a stronger voice and we need to see him/her. The interview segment was a bit short in my opinion but overall what we stay at homes on Saturday night want.

  10. I would love to see more of this. We truly have nothing like it on tv at the moment. We have a few awesome infotainment shows such as The Weekly and Have You Been Paying Attention. But this is pure entertainment. Absolutely loved it!!!

    1. I was thinking that during the Delta clip.

      The show was ok. But when there’s a week of not much going on, tv or social media wise I think Rove will struggle for content.

  11. Yes. Keep the show and invest in a team of writers. A fast paced well-written variety show would be great. And let Judith co-host, the voice from nowhere is a bit creepy.

    1. Personally….the randomness of it appealed to me…I was not looking for smart or fast pace on a relaxed Saturday night…it moved along quite nicely…and I love the point of faceless voice over…they have done this to great effect on many others shows in earlier times……

  12. I’ve always enjoyed watching Rove and will happily watch more of this. Judith Lucy’s disembodied voice doesn’t work for me like a quasi John Blackman. It would be better for the camera to cut to her anywhere when she is when she delivers her stings straight down the barrel.

  13. Great to see so many positive comments here and on Twitter
    Liked it, fresh faces, Imagine what they will be able to do with a budget
    Don’t do more than 30 shows a year though…..similar schedule to gogglebox and keep the content fresh

  14. Overall it was Great! Rove loves this type of show and it worked well. Maybe better at 8.30. We watched it as a family [kids aged 11 & 9] thought it was meant to be family friendly, a bit of language that probably was’t needed, but loved Judith, the sketches and interviews were great [and P!ink). Hope it goes to a series!

  15. Tom Gleeson…Smart TV on… ?? …. The Instagram chic….Judith Lucy voice over…mostly good…in fact the whole show is mostly good and good Saturday night viewing…..I think it will tighten up and run a bit more smoothly as it goes on….but please, let it go on…Also like the time slot..suits me!… ?⭐?

    1. ‘The one hour show will be staged in TEN’s Pyrmont studio with a small audience’
      8.43PM and still going…but I am not complaining…even if I am missing ETTC…. ?

  16. As a rule I don’t like Rove, so I’m surprised to say I loved this show! Saturday night has been missing a lighthearted variety entertainment show like this. There’s so much they could do with this format if it gets picked up. I reckon Judith Lucy needs to be seen though.

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