Returning: Brainbuzz

9GO! kid’s science series BrainBuzz returns on Monday.

The first week of the Brisbane-made series will see the team brainstorming questions on topics including Ball Sports, Communication, Rivers, Circus Science and Dogs.

Executive Producer, Geoff Cooper, said: “It’s great to see BrainBuzz return for a second series as we continue to develop Nine Queensland as a home for quality Australian children’s production.”

Host Kellyn Morris and resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen are back to test physical extremes, create amazing science experiments and introduce our studio guests to live Australian animals like pythons and birds of prey. Character actor Michael Balk is once again onboard as the BrainBuzz team cross through time to chat to his wacky band of famous scientists, historical figures and kooky characters.

Described as “science by stealth”, BrainBuzz is so engaging, funny and entertaining that kids don’t even realise they are watching a science show.

Monday, August 20, at 8am on 9Go!

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