Steve Curry happily “potty mouth” for Drunk History

Stephen Curry is a little nervous about what his mum might say when she sees him in Drunk History.

After all he downed so much beer and tequila in a controlled-environment that he doesn’t really remember how much he imbibed.

“Heaps!” he admits.

“I didn’t realise how potty-mouth I get when I drink! I don’t know how my mum will go (watching it), to be honest. Could you speak to he if she’s not happy?”

“I’m here to tell you how to get drunk safely at work.”

Retelling a “salacious and quite libellous” Ned Kelly story whilst under the influence of alcohol, Curry was filmed across several hours, initially getting blotto with director Dan Reisinger.

“He went drink for drink with me for the first few but then he had to pull his head in because someone had to be in charge,” he recalls.

“I wasn’t allowed to drink beforehand because they have to monitor your drinking. There was a paramedic who said ‘I’m here to tell you how to get drunk safely at work.’ That sentence is something I never thought I would hear and quite frankly I hope I never hear it again.”

Drunk History is based on a US format with celebrities regaling stories from history, then re-enacted for comedy with a guest cast. Productions have also emerged in the UK, Brazil & Hungary. The Eureka Production is part of TEN’s Pilot Week, with Rhys Darby narrating the story of Phar Lap.

“Their one instruction was to not come in with any specific gags you want to say, because they like to try and find that ‘in the moment.’ So that’s a challenge because your natural instinct is to go in prepared.

“I was a bit concerned I might be too drunk”

“Recreating it as a ‘legitimate’ documentary, that’s where the gold is. They smashed it out of the park. I was a bit concerned I might be too drunk, but then I saw Rhys Darby’s bit and realised I wasn’t too bad,” Curry explains.

“It’s one of my favourite shows of the last decade. So I was thrilled to be part of it.

“It’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever been in. There are some serious belly laughs.”

Ensemble cast for re-enactments includes Gyton Grantley as Ned Kelly plus, Becky Lucas, Roy Billing, Greta Lee Jackson, Phil Lloyd, Lehmo, Heath Franklin, Dave Collins, Paul Fenech and Ryan Fitzgerald as Phar Lap.

“Aaron Chen as Constable McIntyre is one of the best things in the whole piece. He cracks me up,” Curry insists.

“The most inspired piece of casting I’ve seen this year.

“There’s one moment where I forget the word ‘armour.’ I’m no scientist but I’m going to say that’s the moment you are drunk: if you can’t remember the word for ‘armour.’”

“All publicity is good publicity!”

If the show proceeds to series, Curry is nominating Judith Lucy, Denise Scott & Celia Pacquola as future storyteller candidates. But he is also mindful that the excessive drinking may attract some criticism (the show ends with viewer advice for responsible drinking).

“If there isn’t some sort of backlash from certain sections of the community that thinks this is promoting alcohol in an irresponsible way then I would be extremely surprised. Everyone will have their say. But all publicity is good publicity!

“Look there is an argument that says this is not the way to present the consumption of alcohol, but there is also an argument that says it’s really bloody funny.

“They will both come out fighting and I will just sit back and watch the fireworks.”

Drunk History premieres tonight at 9:30pm on TEN.


  1. I thought we wanted to stop binge drinking in this country? But wait, let’s get drunk on TV.. booyah. Acting or not.. it sets a precedent..

    Make up yer mind sheeples

  2. TasTVcameraman

    I agree with”Security Guard’ about the binge drinking, besides that I did not like it at all. Skit Happens was funnier in parts than this hopeless drunk thing, reminds of why I dislked Rake so much with the drunken and drugged stupidiness. We have enough problems without it being glorified in the name of humour. No button to dislike on tenplay either.

  3. security guard

    Not sure the binge drinking thing is something to celebrate in Australia? We have such a problem with alcohol in this country, in indigenous communities, domestic violence, one punch attacks… might have worked in the US or U.K. but a bit too close to the bone here ?

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