The Block, Rake upstage Pilot Week launch.

Ratings: TEN's experiment is off to a soft start. Nine leads primary channels, Seven wins the night.

It’s a soft start for TEN’s Pilot Week experiment but plenty of raw feedback was on offer last night for execs.

Skit Happens was largely given the thumbs down on social media and drew 350,000 viewers. In a tough timeslot it progressively lost viewers over its 30 minutes duration. Disgrace! was received better with online comments but with a low lead-in it was flat on just 229,000 viewers. TEN says all factors, including timeslots and competition, will be taken into account as it mulls their future.

The Block was again the top show of the night at 1.12m viewers, beating Little Big Shots, All Aussie Adventures and Grand Designs. Nine’s show again topped the demos.

The return of Rake was strong for ABC at 715,000, eclipsing 60 Minutes and Sunday Night, albeit with varying start times.

Seven News at 1.08m pipped Nine News on 1.03m.

Nine led in primary channel share but Seven network won the night with 32.5% then Nine 30.1%, ABC 17.3%, TEN 12.5% and SBS 7.6%.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.08m then Little Big Shots (883,000), Sunday Night (567,00) and Crime Investigation Australia (347,000).

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.12m then Nine News (1.03m), 60 Minutes (621,000) and a Bite Club replay on 205,000.

Rake (715,000) won its slot for ABC then ABC News (702,000), Grand Designs (573,000), Vera (278,000) and Catalyst (206,000).

All Aussie Adventures (629,000) was best for TEN then Skit Happens (350,000), The Sunday Project (334,000 / 232,000), TEN Eyewitness News (276,000), Disgrace! (229,000), Bondi Rescue (141,000) and Jimeoin: Yeehaa (141,00).

On SBS it was Movie: The Blues Brothers (227,000), Treasures Decoded (218,000) and SBS World News (150,000).

7mate movie Shooter topped multichannels at 212,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 August 2018

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  1. Disgrace reminded me alot of Dirty Laundry with Lawrence Mooney on ABC, except nowhere near as good, though DL probably got away with more being on a non commercial station. I’ve even being enjoying some repeats of it on ABC lately. I think a later timeslot could have helped Disgrace.

  2. Which demographic are Ten chasing with Skit Happens? It doesn’t appeal to me at all. Funny should be funny. This is rubbish. If this is what’s to come (and I feel it is) then it’s no wonder “No other network would dare show”.
    Trial by Kyle looks especially home made and awful.
    Ten need no congratulations for ‘trying something new’ if all they bring us is more of this.

  3. ‘Shooter’ is 7’s equivalent to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (if Ann Hathaway was packing a .50 cal Barrett sniper rifle)-a very entertaining film of its genre that’s on every month or two.

  4. My two cents worth….Skit Happens was terrible and I didn’t laugh at all. Thank you to the person who invented remote controls ! Disgrace wasn’t so bad but I just can’t look at Sam Dastyari without disdain. The ‘poo’ guy again was old news and really turned me off all the more. I applaud channel 10 for giving us different options to watch, love them or hate them !

  5. Kudos to 10 for trying new programs, my issue is that they are simply re-designs of existing dated formats… its like re-gifting, some fresh wrapping paper & a new recipient, sure they will like it at first, but soon enough they dislike the gift for the same reason you did..

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