What’s the worst set design on TV?

It’s claustrophobic, lacks depth and daylight…. and I don’t think it’s had any money spent on it in years.

Seven’s Daily Edition set is one of the most uninspiring eyesores on TV.

I feel sorry for Sally Obermeder and Tom Williams anytime I see the show, upstaged by a gaudy mess of circles that distract from the content. Whenever I have raised the question, that old “budgets” answer comes back with a heavy sigh.

Still it could be worse…

Here’s what the set used to look like!

C’mon Seven. Get out the credit card and give these guys a makeover…. you’ll thank me for it later.

Ok rant over. What other TV sets would you nominate?


  1. Why dosent the daily show do the show from sunrise Martin place studio just use the sunrise set it’s an afternoon show plenty of activities in martin palace I would watch it then . I can’t handle the current set looks like something from the seventys that win television would use when they did their own tonight show. So dated .Without doubt on pay tV sky news has also the tackiest dated sets of all .they clearly have no budget for sets or make up artists

  2. I vote the ever diverse 7Sport set/studio in Melbourne? Elements of which still haven’t been updated since AFL Game Day commenced a decade ago! Racing.com regularly hosts from there and tennis, horse racing, special events, Talking Footy I think. Same could be said for the Sunrise ‘shelves’ with a Sherrin football, et al. on there.

  3. timmydownawell

    Antony Green posted a pic on Twitter the other day, of him sitting at the ABC News desk – taken from his side of the desk – showing the Planet America “Fauxval Office” set on the other side of the studio. Space is tight at the ABC!

  4. All the main and regional “sets” / moving backgrounds on Sky News qualify for the worst sets on TV. The graphic look is also very dated and the colours & saturation of the backgrounds overpower the foreground on camera readers, commentators & guests. Not helped at the same time by the constantly mis-matching flesh tones, exposures, soft focus etc of the studio cameras shooting the shows. Small spaces, lack of noticeable backlight etc all contributes to the poor standards – and that’s even before one looks at or considers the commentators and their verbal contributions / “debate”.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I actually preferred the old set…I loved the yellow dog ornaments…sooo wanted them….I thought my dislike of the new set was because blue is my least favorite color…
    Also…I listen to a lot on ABC News programs…briefly glancing…as all the moving backgrounds…make me feel sick…literally….nauseating…

  6. The desk on The Project bothers me. The hosts, and particularly Waleed Aly when he’s finished making his point, (which is often) continually bang their hands down on it letting out a very loud thump. It sounds like it’s hollow inside which makes the sound even louder. It should be a drinking game. Every time they bang the desk with their hands have a drink. If anything, it will make whatever show follows at 7:30 more enjoyable haha

  7. I used to volunteer in Community TV. A Stripy bed sheet as background was probably the worst I’ve seen. Otherwise The Feed have the worst set

  8. Anything is preferable to those annoying distracting moving abstract backgrounds. Maybe trying to accumulate some cash for sets by shifting playout to Nine and Traffic to Manila.

  9. ABC Breakfast looks like a broom cupboard. Compare it to UK breakfast shows and clearly no money has been spent. I think they should use The Insiders set from Sunday

  10. Show Me The Movie, I couldn’t watch the show because of the see through desks. It looked like someone had half built the flat pack from Ikea and had a tantrum and said that will do… also bugged me how the host didn’t have a desk, just kept prancing around.

  11. the daily edition set looked better before it went blue and circles. I also agree studio 10 needs a proper studio away from background noise.

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