Airdate: City of Evil

4 part crime doco on Adelaide's criminal past has a title that may not go down well with the locals....

Nine has announced a 4 part crime documentary series that centres around Adelaide crimes, with the unfortunate name City of Evil (that probably won’t go down too well with the locals).

Narrated by Adelaide-raised Anthony LaPaglia and based on the book by Sean Fewster, this takes viewers “deep into Adelaide’s haunting past to unveil more shocking cases that have eluded the national spotlight.”

Known as a showpiece of the arts and culture, for its beautiful architecture, and as one of the top five most liveable cities in the world, Adelaide also has a dark criminal history that can be traced back to its very foundations.

Over four weeks, City of Evil will fascinate viewers with riveting, true crime stories – from the unsolved disappearance of the three Beaumont children in 1966 and the mysterious abduction of 10-year-old Louise Bell from her bedroom to the notorious “Bodies in the Barrels” case that resulted in the longest criminal trial in South Australia’s history.

Presented with all the evidence, dive deep into some of the most compelling investigations Australia has ever witnessed. 

Sunday, September 9, at 9.30pm on Nine.

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  1. ?! . My family have lived in Adelaide all to their lives and experiences zero evil . It’s the city of churches ! All cities have stories that can be shown with a narrator and re-enactments .

    Look forward to the next 4 part series : “Sydney : Death Awaits All Who Enter” and “Melbourne: City of Sorrow and the Devil”

  2. Is there a city anywhere in the world that doesn’t have a dark past at some stage? Typical of Channel 9 to give this a lurid title; obviously they think it will attract more viewers. Expect re-enactments to be gratuitously bloody and unnecessarily repeated as has been the case in previous ‘true crime’ efforts of theirs.

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