Airdate: Drain the Titanic

Documentary Drain The Titanic airs on SBS this Saturday.

This is a 2015 National Geographic special. Note the later timeslot in WA due to Premier League.

Drain The Titanic will reveal the wreck of the Titanic as it has never been seen before. Using state of the art computer animation and the most recent comprehensive mapping data collected in 2010, this documentary will not be just another deep sea dive to the wreck, but the most dynamic and comprehensive look at Titanic to date.

It will offer a detailed explorative look at the world’s most famous wreck through the window of cutting edge Hollywood special effects. The idea is to ‘drain’ the Atlantic around the mighty ship wreck and in doing so, reveal a stunning ‘new never before seen’ view of the Titanic exactly as she sits on the ocean bed.

Only recently was the entire wreck site mapped by one of the leading organisations connected to the ship, RMS Titanic Inc. For the first time, the entire wreck site was surveyed in great detail, clearly revealing the sections like the bow and stern sitting 2,000 feet apart.

Where previously only small areas of the wreck site had been mapped, now, with the entire area scanned by multi-beam and AUV’s (Automated Underwater Vehicles), the true mystery of how Titanic lies has been revealed. For the first time, technology and science is giving us the ability to create a 3D perspective of the wreck precisely as she lies on the ocean floor, based on hard evidence from the survey data. With this information we can look into the future and see the eventual fate of the world’s most famous wreck.  

8pm Saturday (9.50pm WA) on SBS.

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