Bumped: Bancroft

Seven has pushed Bancroft to a later 9:40 start.

Seven has pushed Bancroft to a later 9:40 start tonight with Crime Investigation Australia in at 8:30pm.

These are the concluding 2 episodes of the UK series. Last week it drew 341,000 / 257,000 viewers.

I enjoyed the series but it does descend into a bit of silliness tonight.

The Investigator moves to 11:40pm.

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  1. Hi Mathias. I try to cover a lot of titles and programming changes to keep readers in the loop. Bancroft has had several posts from me, including a feature review prominent on the site for several days. You can always click on the show’s tags or check related posts for more info. I try to arm readers with as much as self-serve tools as possible.

    1. Hi David, please, do not take my comment as a criticism of your site or efforts, I was referring to never hearing of it on Channel 7, with their incessant promotion of programs I regularly switch off, more so with its lead in program of crime factual/doco drama. Please do not think I was talking ill of you or your fantastic site

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