Sunday Night: Sept 16

This Sunday, Michael Usher reports on a 2 year investigation on a triple murderer.

On Sunday Night, Michael Usher reports on a 2 year investigation on triple murderer Ashley Coulston, inferring he may be linked other crimes.

This appears to be a story that would have been part of the Murder Uncovered series.

“In Plain Sight”
Ashley Coulston was an adventurer, a person who craved attention and fame.

And for a moment, he was famous – making headlines after an ill-fated attempt to sail a bathtub-sized boat from Australia to New Zealand.

But these days, Coulston’s infamy has eclipsed that short-lived fame.

As you’ll see in this major Sunday Night investigation, Coulston may go down as Australia’s worst-ever serial killer and rapist.

A smiling assassin with a thirst for pain and fame.

Senior correspondent Michael Usher leads this two-year investigation, making the case that Coulston is the prime suspect for a series of crimes spanning three states over three decades.

Unsolved violent rapes in Queensland and NSW and at least one murder.

Michael speaks to Coulston’s victims who were lucky enough to escape, and to others who knew him best – including his former girlfriend and the detective who has relentlessly pursued him for years.

Sunday at 8pm on Seven.

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  1. Seems like true crime stories must rate really well as they have featured heavily on SN & 60 Mins in the last year or so, must admit i’m a bit of a true crime nut. It horrifies me just how badly the police/forensice have gotten it wrong a number of times eg not much investigation into Lyn Dawsons whereabouts at the time she disappeared , flimsy unprofessional forensice evidence in the Henry Keogh murder trial. Anyone could be unlucky enough to be wrongly accused or have a loved one go missing/murdered.

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