True Story with Hamish & Andy: Sept 11

Guests Nathan Lovejoy, Rob Carlton, Shareena Clanton, Kate Jenkinson.

Tonight on True Story with Hamish & Andy is “Scott’s Story” featuring a bloke who loves his Law & Order until it starts getting very real.

Guests Nathan Lovejoy, Rob Carlton, Shareena Clanton, Kate Jenkinson, Thomas Ersatz & Billy Revell.

A few years ago Scott was working as a truck driver. One afternoon while at the garage with his regular mechanic, Dave, a car zoomed past and Scott and Dave heard a crash. Two minutes later two shady looking guys walked past in the opposite direction. Scott and Dave went and inspected the crashed car and realised it was stolen. While Dave called the police, Scott decided to follow the suspects in his own car to let the police know where they went. However, while Scott drove around looking for the crims he stopped, before he knew it, the same two guys jumped in his car and asked for a lift. Over the next two hours Scott unwittingly becomes an integral part of a car theft conspiracy, going deep undercover and convincing the police that he isn’t in fact a criminal mastermind.

8:40pm Tuesday September 11 on Nine.

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