7mate orders Aussie Lobster Men

7mate is getting another locally-produced series, Aussie Lobster Men.

The 10×30 part series from Fredbird Entertainment is on the hunt for Tasmanian Rock Lobster.

Billy Betts, 7mate said, “A strong and unique slate of Australian made factual content is part of the reason 7mate is the Number 1 free to air multi-channel in the market. Aussie Lobster Men is another local production we are proud to be involved with and we can’t wait for our viewers to hook their claws into the wild work of the lobster crews.

Craig Graham, Fredbird Executive Producer said, “Aussie Lobster Men will take viewers on an unforgettable journey to the extreme world of lobster hunting. We’re grateful for the support of Screen Tasmania and TCB Media Rights in bringing this uniquely Tasmanian series to life.”

Aussie Lobster Men follows the real-life dramas of six lobster boat captains as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy, Tasmanian Rock Lobster. Against a backdrop of treacherous weather and fierce currents, crews work night and day to haul hundreds of kilos of lobsters across slippery decks. At sea, even a minor problem can turn deadly in a matter of moments and the nearest port is often hundreds of nautical miles away. Medical emergencies, mechanical failure, storms and underwater predators all serve as adversaries. And then there’s the emotional arch to the partners and children back at home. If a captain gets it right, he can improve the welfare of his family in a matter of weeks. But get it wrong and he can lose it all. Aussie Lobster Men is produced in association with Tasmanian based production company Winning Post.

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