David Attenborough: Dynasties: trailer

A new Sir David Attenborough miniseries is cause for celebration.

BBC has released the trailer for Dynasties, which highlights five of the world’s most celebrated but endangered animals, as they do whatever it takes to survive and protect the next generation.

This has taken 4 years to film and appears to create “characters” and narratives out of its selected subjects that could make the audience feel a connection.

Whether triumph or tragedy, cameras will capture it all.

No Australian broadcaster has been confirmed but Nine would be the tip based on recent series.


  1. I’ll be watching. Anything with Sir David Attenborough has me hooked. I do agree with the other poster here. Channel 9 (if they secure the rights) will advertise this to death, probably during the Australian Open by which time most viewers would have already seen it by other means.

  2. It would be great to see this soon, but if 9 have it, they will probably advertise it all summer (ad nauseum) and then air it in February…..

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