Employable Me wins TV award in Venice

Series which helped disabled Australians to find employment wins a Reality TV award in Europe.

ABC series Employable Me has won a Venice TV Award.

The series which screened in April profiled which 9 people with neuro diverse conditions such as autism and Tourette Syndrome search for meaningful employment.

It won a Reality TV category at the Venice TV Awards and was the sole Aussie win.

Executive Producer Karina Holden from Northern Pictures told TV Tonight, “We are thrilled to have won such a prestigious international award for a series that was a joy to bring to the screen. Making a series that has relevance is so rewarding for program makers and so it’s encouraging to see how Employable Me connected so deeply with the audience. To win in Venice is a great honour for our team and the people whose stories featured.”

The series is also a finalist in the Japan Prizes, to be announced on November 9th.

Other wins went to Cruising with Jane McDonald from the UK, Mosul from US / UK and Wave from Ireland.

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