Jamie Durie joins House Rules

Jamie Durie is joining House Rules as a judge for 2019, replacing architect Drew Heath.

Durie, whose Aussie TV roles have included Backyard Blitz, The Block, The Outdoor Room and The Living Room, joins judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Wendy Moore and host Johanna Griggs for a seventh season.

Rikkie Proost, Channel 7’s Head of Unscripted Production said, “We’re thrilled to welcome Jamie back to Seven. Durie’s expertise and keen-eye for design will be invaluable on House Rules.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be back at Channel 7. We built some great memories together,” said Durie. “I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into all things design on one of Australia’s favourite design shows; House Rules.


  1. I guess we can rule him out from further appearances on The Living Room then. I would love Backyard / Domestic Blitz to return – would be great for summer. Back then, we had full makeovers done in one hour a week. We didn’t know how good it was. Thank god for Selling Houses Aus

  2. Very glad Drew’s gone – he added absolutely nothing to the show apart from irritation. At least Jamie has some personality. Hopefully they can choose nicer contestants this time too – The Block demonstrates you don’t need mean contestants and nastiness to get high ratings.

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