60,000 posts and counting…

TV Tonight has passed another milestone, now surpassing 60,000 published posts!

That’s an awful lot of news, programming, interviews, ratings and opinion in the 11 years the site has been online.

The media landscape is constantly changing, with media mergers, management changes, rebranding, reboots, industry campaigns, court cases, and the challenge to discover new content (or find where it has moved to). There is never any shortage of info to write about!

This week alone I’m attending two Upfronts, the Screen Forever Conference and juggling talent & exec interviews while frantically keeping the site ticking over  -all with an eye on editorial and hopefully a bit of fun.

But I was reminded how much it is all appreciated during Sammy J’s yoga routine at ABC Upfronts this week.

“Furiously checking the ratings on TV Tonight at 10 o’clock every morning,” he joked (cheque is in the mail Sammy!).

My thanks to loyal readers for logging on, sharing the passion and weighing in with your views!



  1. Congratulations, yours are among the first posts I read on Twitter in the morning, I check back in all day. Always look forward to the Friday roundup newsletter.
    You do a fantastic job David.

  2. Congratulations, David. This site is an integral part of my morning routine, whether I’m home, at work, or on holidays. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the posts.

  3. Absolutely love your work, David. 60,000 posts all written with the same passion and care as the first days that got me hooked on the site all those years ago. Congratulations!

  4. Many congratulations on the milestone David. Always look forward to checking in daily for the overnights, and appreciate your investment in the site to bring us your unique perspective in both news and opinion. Cheers.

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