Guy Sebastian becomes newest coach on The Voice

Australian Idol winner joins Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland & Boy George for 2019.

Guy Sebastian will be the fourth coach on the next season of The Voice in 2019, replacing Joe Jonas.

The former X Factor judge and Australian Idol winner joins Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George for the show’s 8th season.

“I’m really pumped to join the panel of coaches on the new season of The Voice,” Sebastian said. “Being a musician over the last 15 years has been an extremely fulfilling time. I love that I can share my experience with some new aspiring artists so we can inject some fresh talent into the music industry.

“I am really looking forward to representing Australia with the amazing Delta against the music history-makers Kelly and George – what a way to start 2019!”

Nine’s Director of Television, Michael Healy said: “Guy Sebastian is one of Australia’s biggest hitmakers and a hugely accomplished musician. We would like to welcome him to The Voice family to join fellow Aussie Delta, Kelly Rowland and Boy George in competing to coach a new crop of the best new singers in the land”.

The Voice, hosted again by Sonia Kruger, is produced by ITV Australia.

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  1. Its nice to see they’ve figured out how to have two Australian coaches again… would love it if they could find four to do it instead. It bugs me that its meant to be The Voice Australia but we have to import coaches from other countries each year?

  2. Guy Sebastian is an authentic musician. See ABC “Don’t Stop the Music”.

    I have never really watched The Voice – I have always preferred the “Idol and XFactor” formats for finding new talent. However, I am really looking forward to this uber talented charismatic “Guy” gracing our TV Screens in 2019. ♥‿♥ I think the chemistry between judges could be very interesting!

  3. The sole purpose for Guy and Delta seems to be a platform for them to release singles and albums and perform them during the live shows.

    Judging by the performance of Delta and Guy’s last singles without the backing of a television platform it’s not hard to see why they are returning.

    1. Australian commercial radio plays international acts non-stop on the airwaves. Ricki-lee Coulter’s last single was a stunner however did not get any airplay. If people do not hear Australian Artists’ music on Australian radio then they are unable to get to love their tunes and therefore be compelled to buy their beautifully crafted work.

  4. Agree with the comments by Gaz.

    Joining The Voice will do nothing to inject fresh the music industry. Just about every year since season 2 has proved that. Such a shame hes joining this.

    10 really should have rebooted idol with Guy for next year and play it at the end of the year on Sunday and Monday when the competition is poor and go back to how it was. 10-12 live shows to actually showcase peoples talent and give enough time for the voting public to connect with the contestants. Something the voice fails to do.

    1. It’s fair to say The Voice has not produced ongoing chart success in the way Idol and X Factor has (and I believe it’s similar internationally too). Certainly no household names in the way the others have. But there are those who regularly tour including Darren Percival, Mahalia Barnes and even Karise Eden from S1. Success isn’t totally confined to chart sales.

      1. Totally agree, but thats not how 9 sell the show. They dont sell it as if anyone who wins will be playing cover albums or rsls. They sell is as if these people will be worldwide superstars with some of the comments the judges make. Seal was especially bad for that.

        Its be nice to have a talent show who did produce someone who could even have a few top 20 hits like X Factor had done. ?

        Bring back Idol!!

        1. I wouldnt include Vera Blues success to The Voice at all. She changed her stage name and worked her way via triple J much after she was forgotten off the voice. She is fantastic though love her music.

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