“Shane Jacobson personifies the Seven viewer”

Seven loves Little Big Shots host Shane Jacobson because he represents the typical Seven viewer, according to Head of Unscripted Sonya Wilkes.

“We’ve done two seasons with Shane Jacobson, whom our audience dearly loves, and we love him,” Wilkes revealed at last week’s Screen Forever conference.

“I think he really personifies the Seven viewer and who they are. Shane’s a good bloke, he’s accessible, he’s funny, he’s warm.

“That’s what we look for.”

This year Jacobson fronted both The Real Full Monty and Little Big Shots, produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

“Warner Bros. have a terrific catalogue at the moment. They have some great shows coming down the pipeline. They’ve really bulked up their creative in the US,” she continued.

“They always have shows that fit for us.”

Seven is yet to announce a third season of Little Big Shots.


  1. Well I am not a 7 Viewer.

    Not only am I compleatly unlike Shane Jacosbon but I don’t like really anything 7 airs. It’s all very bland & vanilla.

  2. I imagine it appeals to young parents who see, or would like to see, their own kids doing stuff like that.
    But, yes an over abundance of it can be off putting. Channel 7 is wise to leave big gaps between it’s scheduling.

  3. It seems I am not a typical viewer either as I won’t watch anything Shane Jacobsen is compering ….it’s a personal thing, I just don’t like him….so to lump all their viewers in together and say he represents the typical viewer doesn’t make sense.

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