Seven halts Little Big Shots production

Seven has “postponed” plans for a third season of Little Big Shots.

Casting for a new season got underway last August, which indicated Seven was keen to resume the Shane Jacobson-hosted series, which has rated well.

But it did not rate a mention at October Upfronts, after new CEO James Warburton announced network cutbacks. No doubt flying in overseas talent, with a guardian, does not come cheap.

The previous casting notice now advised, “Please note that due to changes in our Production schedule, Little Big Shots Australia – Series 3 has been postponed for this year.

“We encourage you to continue with your application and will be sure to review your submission once we begin casting again.”

James Warburton also tossed out Sunday Night, Today Tonight and a string of long-running state-based travel shows.

It isn’t clear when -or if- Little Big Shots will resume.


  1. WTF is going on at Seven? Axing much-loved shows such as Sydney Weekender, bringing back shows which have failed on other networks (ie: Big Brother), getting out of current affairs and journalism and a general sense of malaise and a lack of direction since the new boss took over. It looks like Seven really isn’t interested in winning the ratings with cutting-edge programming and is intent on becoming a boutique station providing heritage and retro programming.

  2. thedirtydigger

    C’mon Seven , tell the truth for a change …who really believes the lame excuse about ” changes to our production schedule.”
    There are still 42 ratings weeks to fill this year as in all years, or can’t your programmers suddenly add up ?
    It’s changes to their ever shrinking budgets that have killed off this little black duck.

  3. This didn’t rate that great second time I thought and as for flying in overseas guests this just makes the whole LBS Australia a bit of a farce in my eyes.

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