Stars attend premiere screening of Bloom

The stars of upcoming Stan local drama Bloom attended the World Premiere screening at Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

Bryan Brown, Phoebe Tonkin & Ryan Corr were joined by co-stars Tessa Rose, Dan Henshall, creator Glen Dolman and director Mat King.

Comedian Matt Okine hosted the event, with guests including Lachy Hulme, Lily Sullivan, Markella Kavenagh, Nicole Chamoun, Julian Maroun, Laura Wheelwright, Elsa Cocquerel, Elijah Williams and Jake Ryan.

Also in attendance were Beau Ryan, Roxy Jacenko, Laura Dundovic, Mia Freedman, Jade Tuncdoruk, Lachie Brycki, Laura Csortan, Nicole O’Neil, Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Beaker Best, PJ Lane, Anna Cocquerel, Marny Kennedy, Shelly Horton, Shannon Lawson and radio’s Will & Woody.

Bloom is a mystery drama about the scarcity of time and the choices we make. Beyond the impulses of youth and the regrets of age lies a secret. One year after a devastating flood kills five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore youth. It’s a gift powerful beyond wildest imaginings. A phenomenon so formidable that attempting to harness its potency means re-evaluating everything that’s important. It’s a miracle some will kill to keep secret.

Bloom will premiere on New Year’s Day

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