FOX Cricket draws bumper crowd

FOX Cricket has drawn some of the biggest audiences on Pay TV all year.

Sunday’s Australia v India Second Test drew up to 419,000 national viewers. The channel share even outranked Free to Air multichannels.

It pulled another 313,000 on Saturday and 305,000 on Friday.

The numbers are purely for the traditional in-home subscription and don’t include Kayo Sports or Seven Network.

Seven has also drawn bumper crowds, at up to 833,000 on Sunday and a 50.7% network share across the whole day (metro + regional).

So far Seven claims over 9 million national viewers have watched 1 minute or more of Cricket.

The #1 program on STV this year is a Richmond v Collingwood match of 545,000 viewers.


  1. James-original

    The 833k number you’ve listed for Seven is Metro only.
    The same session on Seven drew 1.27 million nationally. Session 3 was even higher with over 1.5m.

  2. Such a pity that so many people had to watch a bunch of children get chastised by the umpire for sledging. They should do what the girls do , be sportsmen and talk with the bat and ball. Those scores were low limited overs stuff. If they are going to play like children, make the trophy out of plasterscene and pay them with lollies ( especially the captain ).

  3. I’d prefer to bag them too but Fox Cricket’s coverage has been very good – no going to the news at 6.00, no cutting the coverage the second the last ball of the day is bowled.

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