Nine denies Richard Wilkins leaving Today

"He will remain with Today in 2019 and beyond."

Nine-owned publication The Age has denied a speculative report that Richard Wilkins could be culled from Today.

A News Corp article suggested Wilkins’ longevity may be under review along with other changes by incoming executive producer Steve Burling.

Not so says Nine.

“Richard is a valued member of the Nine and Today family,” a spokesperson told The Age. “He will remain with Today in 2019 and beyond.”

Peter Stefanovic has also been reported to be moving from Weekend Today to newsroom duties, while gossip persists around Karl Stefanovic, who has also been confirmed to resume.

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  1. RW crucified Dua Lipa for cancelling a number of her Aussie shows due to illness only to guest star on Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel was actually recorded weeks prior to airing on TV and she did have surgery on wisdom teeth as she announced. She really served it up to him too! ?

  2. Richard & Angela Bishop are the only decent entertainment reporters on Australian TV. Richard has 30 or more years experience & contacts & Nine would be reluctant to get rid of that. The last time Nine tried someone different on Today Extra (not Sam Rubin who is great) we got a reporter fixated on Bieber & the Kardashians who could even get the most simplest of facts straight.

  3. Karl & Richard, the Burt & Daryl of the 2000’s, so sick & tired of hearing about the pompous so & so’s, honestly, who cares? (not a comment on your article’s David, just media hype in general around the supposed golden boy)

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the gaffe when Richard Wilkins announced that Jeff Goldblum had passed away in 2009. Richard Wilkins did eventually apologise to Jeff Goldblum for the error.

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