Vale: Andrew Prowse

Director Andrew Prowse, whose credits include Farscape, Heartbreak High and The Heights, died earlier this month.

His agent Marquee Management said, “Talented, funny, gruff, opinionated, great intellect, compassionate and always gentle-hearted, Andrew was enormously generous and he deeply cared about the people he worked with, the industry he dedicated his life to and his family that he adored. A true original, Andrew will be greatly missed by all of us, and we send our deepest condolences to his partner Cate, his family and many friends.”

He is still revered by Farscape fans as producer and set-up director of the cult sci-fi (he would direct 17 episodes). He was also the set-up director on Rush and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

His credits stem back to the early 1990s with titles including Cody, Big Sky, Heartbreak High (directing 32 episodes), Wildside (16 episodes), All Saints, McLeod’s Daughters, Underbelly, Fat Tony & Co. and Home and Away (30 episodes). He was also a producer on Never Tear Us Apart: The  Story of INXS.

Prowse recently directed an episode of ABC’s The Heights, due to premiere in 2019.

Actors including Steve Bastoni and Shane Withington paid tribute on social media, respectively describing him as, “a sweet, humble super-talented man” and “one of the kindest and most thoughtful directors I’ve ever worked with.”

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  1. Andrew was also a damn fine film editor before he moved into Producing & Directing. I worked with Andrew on a Brian Trenchard-Smith feature back in the 80’s and he was a straight-shooting cool cat that was more laid back than a banana lounge in summer. His agent has described him perfectly “Talented, funny, gruff, opinionated, great intellect, compassionate and always gentle-hearted”

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