Married at First Sight beats My Kitchen Rules return

Nine reality juggernaut draws 1 million metro viewers, enough to win the first battle in the TV wars.

Married at First Sight has drawn first blood in the 2019 reality TV ratings, winning its timeslot with a cool 1 million metro viewers.

It defeated the return of My Kitchen Rules at 816,000 viewers, despite the half hour jump at 7pm. It was the lowest ever launch for the series.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was third in its slot at 676,000 viewers.

MAFS won the battle in every city except Perth.

Seven News topped the night at 1.02m viewers.

Official ratings don’t resume until Sunday February 10, but it’s game on in the TV wars.

Nine led in primary channels but Seven won Monday thanks to its multichannels with 33.6% to Nine’s 30.1%. 10 drew 16.8%.

Full ratings wraps will resume with official survey.

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  1. Ha yes the sight of one of the ” experts ” in a lab coat was a scream.
    Who are they kidding ?
    I expected Mrs Marsh to come out and make an appearance and write down some dating tips with chalk.
    Plus it looks like the “experts” have been coached harder than the contestants this year with the over the top acting and facial expressions during their discussions.
    What complete tosh.

  2. The 2 hour episode of MKR was a bit much. Start it at 7pm by all means, but wrap it up by 8:30 at the latest. I was struggling to get to the end of the episode last night, and MKR is one of my favourite shows.

  3. Its so good to have The Good Doctor and The Resident back on our tv. I didn’t watch anything between 7-9pm last night. I am so sick of all this reality stuff. I actually watched some drama on Netflix while i was waiting and even then, with 2 hours MKR still finished late. I wish there was a stricter code here.

  4. My Kitchen Rules seems to start low but gradually builds up as the time goes on and hope it is the same this year. Dating shows are not for me as I think it is all an act and not as life normally is but I suppose it makes for good ratings. Bring on some good drama.

  5. MAFS has all the momentum and is a show on its way up. MKR, at season 10 as you would expect is running out of puff and is on its way down. Celebrity held up remarkably well given what was going on around it.
    I’d be curious to know what MKR did in its first half hour, if it was significantly here and then dropped away when MAFS started.

  6. Looking at that, MAFS and Celebrity were the real winners. MAFS was up 88k on last year’s launch while Celebrity was unaffected. On the other hand MKR was down 366k on last year and I believe is on it’s way out.

    1. I’m A Celeb was down 182,000 on last year, though only 67,000 down on last Monday and this Monday being a public holiday may have affected them all a little bit (last year Friday was the holiday). As a note to all that Home And Away was on 796,000 last year and MKR at 7:30pm was on 1,182,000 with that show as it’s lead-in, so one has to wonder, though the coming days will be a better indication I feel.

        1. Yeah fair enough, the Thursday I’m A Celeb last week did 680,000 (wasn’t on Fri and Sat was a throw away episode basically), so yeah was on target to what it’s core audience could be. Though I was more about how there seemed to be a lot of people absent from TV last night and maybe it was because of the public holiday, as I said the next few days will be a better indication I think.

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