Renewed: Our Cartoon President

No let-up in the parody of the Trump administration.

Satirical animation Our Cartoon President has been renewed for a second season.

The series parodies the presidential administration of Donald Trump, voiced by Jeff Bergman, and his White House officials. The first season showed the cartoon president’s attempts at “winning” the State of the Union address, comforting disaster victims, rolling back President Obama’s accomplishments, and highlighted his relationship with the media.

Co-executive produced by Stephen Colbert, the series has 10 new episodes greenlit by Showtime.

It screens in Australia on Stan.

Source: Variety

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  1. You have to wonder whether this and others like it (SNL Trump sketches) are just a one-off because Trump is, well, Trump, or will we see this kind of piss-taking as a regular part of the entertainment landscape during the term of the next president and the next … ? Haven’t seen anything much like it since Spitting Image in the UK.

    1. There was some short-lived sitcom about Goerge W Bush called, “That’s my bush.” It was done by the South Park guys. They actually had developed a sitcom around Al Gore because they thought he’d win, but he didn’t and so they redid it.
      Trump is an odd case.

      Remember we had that “At Home With Julia” tv show about Julia Gillard.

      I personally don’t really find the Trump stuff funny. In general, I haven’t seen this show because of everything else with Trump. It’s never good satire, it’s just people making fun of him, often based on straw man version. So it’s like, eh what’s the point if that’s making fun of a fictional version of him? It just doesn’t translate when you aren’t an American. Why watch something which is designed to have a core mission of convincing you to not vote for him, when you’re not an American voter?
      I feel like people miss the point of why John…

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