Will Stan retain Showtime deal?

Speculation about whether ViacomCBS will shift Showtime to 10 All Access after contract expires.

Media are questioning whether Stan will be able to hold onto its lucrative Showtime output deal when it expires, in the latest speculation about streaming deals.

The Sydney Morning Herald speculates on whether ViacomCBS may move Showtime to 10 All Access.

Stan’s deal with Showtime was secured in 2016 ensuring titles such as Billions, Kidding, City on a Hill, The L Word: Generation Q, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, The Circus and Our Cartoon President.

ViacomCBS recently renewed a short-term deal with Foxtel for Nickelodeon content which is expected to expire at the same time as Stan’s Showtime content. It will also take over Foxtel music channels from July.

10 sources last week indicated there were two new titles for 10 All Access confirmed for 2020, as observers were critical of its offering.

Both Foxtel and Stan are also set to bid for HBO content.

Stan has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Whatever ViacomCBS does I’m sure they will factor in Australia’s small population when selling Showtime rights, in comparison to the USA, UK or Europe, where there are more potential subscribers to make a dedicated streaming site more economical and self sustaining.
    I would suggest that if Foxtel can keep its business solvent for the next decade Showtime may find a new home there, if Stan’s deal with Showtime get’s a renewal, it may be another Disney type deal and only for the short term.

  2. I reckon Stan’s future is limited as more international players, including mergers/takeovers, enter the market. We see that with Foxtel

  3. I’ve read that CBS All Access is in the process of redesigning their app and will add content from their suite of Viacom channels, and i assume they will do the same with 10 All Access.

  4. Showtime now renewing it’s deal with Stan to go to 10 All Access would be a major vote of confidence from ViacomCBS in 10 but I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’ve always seemed pretty reluctant to invest further into 10AA. It’s a massive “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” situation. Without premium content, 10AA won’t get subscribers. Without subscribers, 10AA won’t get premium content. ViacomCBS just needs to take a leap of faith and put that content on 10AA instead of selling it elsewhere.

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