Renewed: Our Girl

UK drama Our Girl has been renewed for a fourth season.

The 6 part drama starring Michelle Keegan will take place one year on from 2 Section’s last tour in Bangladesh. Aussie Shalom Brune-Franklin (Doctor, Doctor) joined the cast last season.

Michelle Keegan says: “Being in Our Girl has been one of the highlights of my career so far. I feel very lucky to be part of the show and I’m really excited that it’s coming back. The audience response has been so positive and I think Georgie is a character who resonates with viewers. I absolutely love playing the role. Be prepared for another incredible series – Georgie’s still got unfinished business.”

Tony Grounds, writer and creator, says: “I’m absolutely delighted that Michelle Keegan will be reprising her role as Georgie Lane for another tour of Our Girl. 2 Section are deployed to Afghanistan as part of Nato’s Resolute Support Mission to develop the military capability of the Afghanistan government’s armed forces. But with the Taliban controlling large swathes of the country and Georgie Lane’s haunting memories of Elvis lost last time she was in the country, this mission was never going to be easy.”

Filming will take place in April for four months in South Africa.

A positive Georgie is making leaps in her career, having been promoted to Sergeant, and now training a new bunch of medics. Happily living back in Manchester with her family, Georgie is insistent to her friends in 2 Section that she’s happy settled in her new job and will not be joining them on their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, no matter how much they want her to.

However, when a night on the town results in a near-fatal incident, she can’t deny that the painful memories of losing the love of her life, Elvis, to a Taliban attack, is the real reason she doesn’t want to go back. Georgie realises that she needs to return to Afghanistan to face her own fears.

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  1. The South African locations and CGI are the same used by the now concluded BBC military comedy series Bluestone 42, obviously for budget reasons not much effort was made to change the familiar camera shots of derelict concrete artefacts and war wreckage so the same SA production crew must have been used on Our Girl too. Our Girl had a promising sometimes gritty story about a working class girl being accepted by the military but the final episodes lacked the impact a bigger budget and better stunt coordination would have offered, the Norwegian war drama Noble was a better example of how the budget action genre is done.

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