Returning: Agatha Raisin

UK mystery Agatha Raisin makes a long awaited return to ABC on Saturday with star Ashley Jensen.

Returning with a double episode, the series last screened in 2016.

This aired in the UK in November.

After a disastrous trip to Cyprus, Agatha (Ashley Jensen) returns to Carsely with a glorious tan, a head full of bad memories and most importantly, without her almost-husband James. Her only saving grace is the support of her fellow singles Gemma (Katy Wix) and Roy (Mathew Horne), so the gang resolves to stay away from men forever, forming the Carsely single ladies group. Desperately in need of some pampering and a new look, Agatha turns to the capable hands of Evesham’s hottest new hairdresser, the alluring Jonny Shawpart (James Lance). It seems no woman can resist his charms – least of all his devoted receptionist Josie (Amy Dolan) – and despite her best efforts, it isn’t long before Agatha too falls under his spell accepting Jonny’s invitation to dinner.

However, when she learns that that fellow Carsely Ladies Society member Liza Friendly (Kate Lamb) is absolutely terrified of Jonny, the gang quickly discovers that Liza isn’t the only woman afraid of him. So Agatha, Gemma, Roy and Sarah (Lucy Liemann) decide that if he’s blackmailing village women then it’s their duty to protect them. But things take an unexpected turn when Jonny drops dead in his salon after being poisoned by ricin injected into his beloved vitamins.

8:30pm Saturday on ABC.


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