Returning: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Season 5 of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here begins on 10 tomorrow.

Julia Morris & Dr. Chris Brown return to host the ITV Studios Australia series in South Africa.

10 has so far former Goggleboxers Angie Kent and Yvie Jones as the first 2 participants (both of whom will be critiqued by their ex-cast mates.

Angie said: “I am a massive fan of watching celebrities do absurd things in the jungle but I never thought I would be one of those people doing it. I cannot wait to get up close and personal with Lady JMO and Dr Chris!”

Yvie said: “I cannot believe we have spent four seasons watching, laughing and commentating on this show from inside our living room and now we will be the ones being laughed at!”

The latest contestant clue is a “sexy reality star is single and definitely ready to mingle…No stranger to dating shows, will this singleton strike up a jungle romance?”

They join the ex-Goggleboxers plus “a newsreader, a TV host, TV presenter, comedian, famous foodie, a gossip guru, two controversial politicians and a footy legend.”

This year there is a format twist coming, rumoured to involve Immunity Challenges.

Scott Tweedie also extends his jungle web videos to a new 7pm Saturday night edition, “Saturday Schoolies” involving various games.

The action kicks off Live 7:30pm Sunday on 10.

Update: As rumoured Sam Dastyari, Jacqui Lambie, Richard Reid & Dermott Brereton are also confirmed.


  1. To me, just getting on the show ,promotes them to ‘celebrity’ . We just hope they are entertaining when they are ‘real’. I wonder if anyone knows about the Freddie Flintoff water trick. Put a hidden camera on the water cooler.

  2. so looks like maybe no international celeb this year?? maybe they can’t afford it coz they still paying off Tom Arnolds fee lol. Without someone more interesting this years lineup looks pretty damn dull tbh. Not saying Aussies aren’t interesting, but someone like a Maureen McCormick, Tiffany or Paul Burrell brings more star power & celeb goss to the show. And really, not much ‘celebrity’ to reality tv stars.

  3. I love the show but are over the ads, particularly on Tenplay. But Nine are just as bad. Watch anything on 9Now and every ad break, which you cannot skip, are the same ones over and over.

  4. I know it’s all for tv ratings but really Australia has some better talent then these two it’s more like we can’t find celebs who wants a working holiday to Africa.

    • I agree. Those women are absolutely appalling, which is why the show will rate well. It seems to be the trend, the more obnoxious the contestants the better.

      • I actually like them on gogglebox, is not them that’s appalling it’s the promos every single ad break that’s appalling. I’m not sure why 10 think that in an hour show we need to be told 6 times that they are going into the jungle. It’s like they asked them to behave in the most obnoxious way possible when normal ever not like that at all.

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