TVT Awards: ….most bizarre responses

The Cash Cow is TV’s Most Underrated Performer and there should be more Bull Fighting on TV.

At least that’s according to some of the more colourful votes submitted to the TV Tonight Awards.

Some readers were stuck in the past, some made amusing typos (especially for Waleed Aly) and some just couldn’t get Dave Hughes’ latest show by its correct title.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the more wild votes that came in this year:

Best Australian Drama

Cop Shop
Little Big Shots

Best Australian Comedy

Brown is the New Orange
Hughesy I’ve Got a Problem
Highest We Have a Problem
Paul Murray Live

International Drama

Game of Thrones (it didn’t air in 2018)

International Comedy

Miss Maisel
Schitt Happens
The Biggest Bang Theory

Best Light Entertainment

Are You Paying Attention?
Have You Been Playing Attention?
Husey, We’ve Got a Problem
The Panel

Best Morning TV Programme

Aerobics Oz Style
They Are All Terrible
Don’t Watch

Best Aussie Reality

Parliament Question Time
Survivor: Competitors vs Contenders

Best International Reality


Best Lifestyle

Love It or Sell It

Best Factual / Documentary / Observational

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Best News / Current / Public Affairs

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell

Best Talk Show

The Katering Show

Best Kid’s Show

Blue Planet II
Federal Parliament
Peppard Pig
The Footy Show

Best Sports Show or Coverage

Cricket Scandal

Best New Show (Australian)

Blake on 7
It’s a Date
Orange is the New Black
Tits! Tits! Tits!

Best New Show (International)

God Befriended Me

Favourite Male

Chad Morgan
Shaun Macalif
Shaun McCaliff
Shaun Michallef
Wali Aleed
Walled Ally
Wallied Ally
Wayleed Ally

Favourite Female

Carrie Brackmore
Cecelia Pacquola
Julie Maclaucland
Magda Sjubsnski
Marta Dusseldorf
Tina Bussell

Most Underrated Performer

Bring Back Daryl Somers
Cash Cow
Gogglebox Voice-Over Lady

International Show We Need to See

Anything in Drag
Bull Fighting

Most Overexposed Performer

Brazil Zeplas
Walleye Ali
Wyeed Ally

Worst Australian Show

Boss of Dance
The Dance Show with Dannii Minogue
Married at Fist Sight

Worst International Show

Donald Trump’s Presidency


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Oh love this…🤣….. one of the side benefits of running a blog…..
    I love ABC News Breakfast…unfortunately…I am not an early riser…unless I pull an all nighter…so I tend to catch up with the Breakfast Couch…

    • I love News Breakfast too, although I am surprised to see it poll well as the ratings don’t reflect that. However, being a pure news channel means that the show gets very repetitive over three hours, so I jump over to 9Life for a while, and watch Good Bones, House Hunters, Texas Flip etc for a palate cleanser.

  2. Breakfast news television should take note of the opinions that people don’t watch, would rather sleep and that they’re all terrible. I agree. I haven’t watched any morning news programs in years as they are a bland and depressing way to wake up to. They should be replaced with comedians, like The Panel. Aerobics Oz Style should make a comeback or there could be a meditation or yoga themed program, along with more variety, like Good Morning Australia but without infomercials.

    • I agree. A long time ago, there was one hour of news in the morning (actual news). Now it’s three hours of entertainment and cash giveaways and sometimes concerts to disguise the fact that there is pretty much nothing apart from the window dressing. And most of the other news programs on the commercial stations is pretty much the same thing. I think that they should only cover the news and get rid of the Cash Cow and whatever character Today has now that gives away cash.

  3. Hilarious stuff. I’ve already laughed enough for the entire week reading these. Thanks for posting David. Thanks for being so clever fellow readers.

    My favourites were Best Morning TV Programme: Sleep & Best Aussie Reality: Parliament Question Time.

  4. You really don’t want to see bullfighting. I went to one in Spain last year. The end of the bull’s life is incredibly graphic (so graphic, YouTube won’t let me post the video).

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