Tynte Street site is no more

Here is all that's left of Adelaide's first TV station.

“Do not adjust your set… This lunar landscape in Tynte St is now all that’s left of Adelaide’s first TV station,” journalist Michael Smyth wrote on Twitter.

NWS9 station had its final broadcast at Tynte Street in September 2015, followed a day later by the first transmission from the new street-level studios on Pirie Street.

Over the decades the Tynte Street site has been home to local shows including Nine News, The Curiosity Show, The Country and Western Hour, Channel Niners, Here’s Humphrey, and Pick Your Face.

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  1. Country and western hour and Channel niners – Snap – Remember going to both these as a child – Remember Reg saying not to sing along from the cue boards 🙂 and was in awe of how colourful Bobo the clown was in real life

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