Vale: Darius Perkins

Actor best known for Neighbours & All the Rivers Run has died.

Actor Darius Perkins, best known for Neighbours and All the Rivers Run, has died aged 54.

He died on Wednesday following a battle with cancer.

Perkins began acting in primary school where Val Lehman was his drama teacher. As a teenager he enjoyed profile roles before dropping out of acting and working in Art Department on CrashBurn and two Bollywood films shot in Australia.

He began in The Sullivans before starring as Charlie in ABC drama All the Green Years, cast by producer Oscar Whitbread. It would lead to much more work including being cast as the original Scott Robinson in Neighbours in its original run.

“When Neighbours was axed at Channel 7, my contract became null and void so I was no longer under any obligation to go to TEN. They wanted me to stay but at the time I had other plans. The rest is history,” he once said.

He returned to play shady associate Marty Kranjancic in a one month guest role in 2013 alongside original cast member Stefan Dennis.

Perkins won the 1984 Logie for Best Juvenile Performance for his role in the series All The Rivers Run.

He also appeared in Prisoner, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors, Skirts, Ratbag Hero, Carson’s Law and Home And Away.

Source: The Age, Perfect Blend.

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  1. Shocking, he was far too young. Darius was considered a real up and commer when he was young, I’m sure there must be more to the story about what derailed his career though. RIP Darius.

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