60 Minutes: Feb 10

Sunday’s 60 Minutes includes an investigation into the Church of Scientology, plus the “wellness” industry and Hamish Blake & Zoe Foster Blake.

Where is Shelly?
It’s no secret the Church of Scientology is divisive and controversial, but as Tara Brown discovers in an extraordinary 60 Minutes investigation, the measures Scientologists take to avoid external scrutiny is extreme. Their church is led by the all-powerful yet mysterious David Miscavige, who refuses to address ongoing allegations that his organisation is involved in disturbing practices like splitting up families, physical and verbal abuse, even holding devotees prisoner. His reluctance might be because his own wife, Shelly, has not been seen in public for 13 years. But when Brown started asking questions about Shelly Miscavige’s whereabouts, and Scientology’s dirty little secret, she copped a barrage of ugly and unwarranted abuse.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Stefanie Sgroi

Trick or Treatment
Could Australia’s obsession with so-called “wellness” actually be causing us harm? It’s estimated that one-third of the population regularly take vitamins, supplements or herbal medicines. The complementary medicines industry is worth more than $5 billion, and it thrives on our belief that these products are natural and healthy. But there are scientists and doctors growing increasingly concerned about the alternative products we’re taking. They say they’re not only a waste of money, but in some cases might also be deadly.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Howard Sacre

Love Actually
When you match up a famous funny-man with an overachieving businesswoman who is also a best-selling author you get the fabulous chaos that is the life of Hamish Blake and his wife Zoë Foster Blake. You also get two adorable children. But for all their career success the Blakes – like the Beatles – reckon all they need is love. In an exclusive interview on 60 Minutes the delightful couple tell Allison Langdon why.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producers: Garry McNab, Madeleine Apps

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.


  1. I am responding to the herbal meds segment. I reacted to herbalife and was sick for 4 months after. I had one shake and felt a little off but thought it was because i missed breakfast. After the second shake it was like i had been poisoned. I was shaking and weak and my vision was off and i felt really ill. Over the next month i went to 3 drs who could not find any substantial claims around the herbalife products. Finally i got a dr who was able to confirm the herbalife products crashed my immune system. I would like these products investigated.

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