Airdate: Dynasties

Anticipated David Attenborough series Dynasties will screen on Nine from Saturday.

The series highlights five of the world’s most celebrated but endangered animals: penguins,  lions, painted wolves,  tigers and begins with chimpanzees.

This was filmed over a 4 year period and aired in the UK in November.

Dynasties is a new kind of natural history event. Five episodes, five of the most celebrated and endangered animals on the planet. Never before have we presented a landmark series with such powerful storytelling – about families, leaders and heroes. Never before has a landmark offered the viewer the opportunity to follow the lives of animals in such detail, each fighting against overwhelming odds for their own survival and the future of their families. These are some of the most dramatic and intense stories of their kind ever told.

7pm Saturday on Nine.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    IIRC Ch. 9 has a long term contract with BBC NHU or BBC Earth or whatever it calls itself now. Don’t quote me, but I think it’s now in its final year.

  2. Why does Nine keep persisting with these David Attenborough wildlife doco’s? Have they signed a long-term contract or are they included in other contract deals? Time after time Nine puts them on promoting the bejesus out of them and the result is the same. They bomb in the ratings, they get taken off after just one or two episodes, then bob up again in the summer non-ratings period.

    Really, Nine. We’re not at school in the 1960s anymore and this particular genre has passed today’s kids (and their parents) by many years ago.

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