Auditions: My Kitchen Rules

Seven has opened casting for its next season of My Kitchen Rules (a second 2019 season is also coming, however this sounds like a 2020 season).

Teams of Two (friends, relatives, partners) aged 18 years of age and over are required.

Here some questions on the application:

Have you ever cooked or prepared food as a job before?
Do you have any criminal charges or convictions?
Have you ever done any cooking courses?
What does cooking / food mean to you?

Applications close midnight May 22nd 2019 AEDT


    • Often see reality shows accused of casting actors. It’s a valid question, but we should also acknowledge there are some types who will just push themselves into any spotlight, whether scripted or non-scripted, especially if they think it has longterm pay offs. And sometimes they do.

  1. I’ve watched MKR religiously for 10 years, and before this season had never seen an episode of MAFS. But after catching a few episodes I’m now addicted to MAFS and MKR is looking tired and predictable in comparison.

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