Bumped: Changing Rooms


10 has confirmed changes to its schedule next week following disappointing numbers for Changing Rooms.

This week it debuted with just 204,000 on Wednesday, with 298,000 last night.

The show will move to Friday and Saturday nights from next week, with Show Me the Movie switching to Thursdays. New episodes of Bondi Rescue will move into Wednesday nights.

Wednesday Feb 20
7:30pm Bondi Rescue (new)
8pm Bondi Rescue (new)
8:30pm Law & Order: SVU (new)

Thursday Feb 21
7:30pm Show Me the Movie (new)
8:30pm Gogglebox (new)

Friday Feb 22
7:30pm Changing Rooms (new)
9pm The Graham Norton Show (new)

Saturday Feb 23
7:30pm Changing Rooms (new)

Sunday Feb 24
7:30pm Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway (new)

10 Head of Programming Daniel Monaghan tells TV Tonight the network is happy with the production but concedes it was unable to compete against reality juggernauts.

“Obviously the numbers were not the way we would have liked them. We are disappointed with the numbers but not in the show. We’re very happy with the way it came together, with Nat Bass and the contestants,” he said.

“It’s just not going to be able to cut through against Married at First Sight on Wednesdays. It’s a juggernaut at the moment and tonally in a completely different space, stealing a lot of audience from everywhere.”

Some readers have commented on the two night commitment of Changing Rooms, last seen as a 30 minute format on Nine, but 10 is happy with the new format.

“I know there are reservations about the length of it, but we’re not doing the original Changing Rooms with one room each. We are doing 6 rooms, so it gives it a little space to breathe,” said Monaghan.

“I don’t think there is an issue with the pacing or amount of reveals. 2 nights is not stretching it out the way some other renovation shows do.”

Next week 10 also launches of Dancing with the Stars Live at 7:30pm Monday.


  1. why is it people here seem to have more idea of how to program these shows than the networks do?? obvious from the start this should’ve been one episode only, not a double episode! As for Sunday Night Takeaway, i can’t see it lasting past 2 episodes at best. up against MKR & Mafs? (i think, or is it 60 Mins?) either way just tv suicide.
    Now it might sound crazy to some but i think they should wait till the middle of winter & do it as a Saturday night entertainment show, up against the footy yes, but HHIS worked at that timeslot for years, non football fans want an alternative.

  2. The only thing good about Changing Rooms was Nat as host. Nat should be the one hosting DWTS or Sunday Night Takeaway not Grant & Amanda and Julia & Chris. She is such a great talent and would of been great. Back in the day of So You Think You Can Dance she was so good.

  3. First, David this is the first I’ve heard about this. Well done on the scoop!
    Second, when & where did 10 let viewers know? Nine & 7 make sure they saturate social & radio with promos where their programs sit.

    Nothing from ten about the new day/time??? How do they expect people to know?

  4. Channel 10 is a dying duck in its present format. It seems to be a dumping for D grade or has been celebrities. I for one am totally fed up with Grant Denyer, Amanda Keller, Dave Hughes and Waleed Ally. Chris Brown’s career prospects would surely improve if he returned to the vet clinic.

    You would think that with a huge media organisation as a parent company that the tv world would be their oyster. It looked hopeful in the begining but sadly has gone from bad to worse.

    Re-runs of ancient American sitcoms are not the answer. How many episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond, Cheers and Frazier can people tolerate. I actually counted 12 episodes of Raymond in one 24 hour period.

    Come on 10, research your audience and spend some money. You will be rewarded with ratings I am sure.

  5. Yeah the two night format is likely a mistake it needs to be tight and to the point, unless it’s The Block (which did well again last year) I don’t think it needs more.

    Be interesting to see if Seven tighten up My House Rules this year after it launched last year on 607,000 and ended on 853,000, while better than the Changing Rooms figures nothing like Seven would have hoped and years past (was against The Voice and Masterchef doing well).

  6. I think spanning Changing Rooms over two episodes was not a good idea as many similar makeover themed shows, such as 60 Minute Makeover, Backyard Blitz, Domestic Blitz, Property Ladder etc. usually span over one episode and the original Australian version of Changing Rooms showed the entire project over one episode. I couldn’t be bothered to invest watching it over two nights. I think shows like The Block or House Rules where projects spanned over several episodes were successful because of the windfall or prize at the end. That’s one of the main differences.

    • I also don’t think that you can discount what 9Life has shown people lately, for instance look at say the two more popular ones in Fixer Upper and Masters Of Flip, you get a look at 3 homes and then the renovation all in that 1 hour timeslot. While 9Life doesn’t set the ratings on fire, people who like those types of shows watch them and may have become accustomed to that format. In my mind due to remembering the old Changing Rooms that is what I expected, maybe TEN would do well to look at how HGTV do/pace it.

      Guess with what TEN do with The Living Room that also made me expect Changing Rooms to be a little more on point, then again is it that type of show (old style Changing Rooms) is now more suited to 9LIfe or 7TWO these days.

  7. Ugh, so it could have aired jungle finale on Wednesday instead of Sunday, that’s just annoying, I don’t see any reason why it didn’t do that in the first place.

  8. It’s a pity the networks don’t put better shows on a Friday & Saturday night.
    I’m often tired from the working week & stay in (not everyone goes out on these nights).
    A show like Dancing With The Stars would be a great watch on Saturday night, especially during the winter months. Sunday Night Takeaway would also be great on a Saturday night, a bit like Hey Hey. Why put these new shows on Sunday & Monday against all the reality crap, give viewers some great shows later in the week too, the ratings just may surprise you.

  9. At least they have tried…. its just not that exciting of a concept for people to tune into against mafs and mkr. Maybe they should have just kept celebrity the length it was last year.

    Id love to see the return of australian idol sun monday. Do it 8-10 sunday and 8-9 Mondays or something. I dunno but really feel for ten right now its hard to compete. Mafs is brilliant as well this season absolute trash but its such great reality tv.

  10. I think the concept of the show has life amid Nat is a natural host…..The two night thing does not work…and it will not work in Ten’s death slot…Saturday night…..Mind you at this time of year there is probably not much competition. Will be interesting to see if there is any improvement.

  11. I don’t quite understand – why kill off your possible audience with Sunday Night Takeaway (I really don’t think much of that name…) up against Married At First Sight. The numbers aren’t going to be monstrous, and just feel the show (and all the people working on it) deserves a better launch then something which based on number might feel underwhelming. Good luck to them, I really like those two

    • It will either be a big hit or fail miserably I reckon. Ten provided an alternative to sport and did well perhaps they can now do the same by providing an alternative to reality.

  12. I think 10 need to do what SBS and ABC use to do and assume still do, 10 needs to hit hard with new content in December and January and take Advantage that nine and seven both have sports commitments.

    Let seven and nine battle it out at the start of the week and go hard at the end of the week. I also think 10 needs to stop relying on the same 4 people to get the audience in (Chris Brown, Julia Morris, Grant Denyer & Amanda Keller). I don’t think 10 will ever catch up to seven and nine so I think they need to find there target audience or attract a target audience and deliver to that audience.

    • Ten got it right starting Celebrity against the Tennis to get some momentum going. And it worked, beating the Tennis on several nights.

      But they might have been better to have started with Bachelor in Paradise to take the shine off Married, being a similar genre and then gone into Celebrity closer to Easter?

      Or as has been said by others, Celebrity season was too short. Another 3 or so weeks into early March might have helped to ward off viewers changing networks & now trying to catch up what they missed on Married or MKR than effectively end it just as the actual ratings season began.

      • It’s a case of damned if you do / damned if you don’t. Bachelor audience and MAFS are similar, I see no sense in this suggestion. Last year people said Celebrity was not working because it was too long (amongst various other criticisms). The inescapable fact is MAFS is a juggernaut and there’s little that will topple it. But you can’t roll over and play the test pattern, something has to screen.

  13. I thought Changing Rooms was quite good, and hope it does better on Fridays and Saturdays. I am worried about DWTS and Take Away, just hope enough people are looking for variety/entertainment instead of manipulated and trashy reality.

  14. bettestreep2008

    Changing Rooms – or any other show – would have struggled against the unbelievably awful MKR and MAFS. Not sure what Ten were thinking putting it on Wednesday night.

    Shifting it to Friday night – up against Better Homes – could help but the damage has already been done. This was not the show’s fault but some senior executive in charge of schedulin.

    And I still don’t understand why Ten is showing IACGMOOH finale 5 days after the last show. And the promos completely ruin the suprise reunions we enjoyed so much in previous seasons.

    This schmozzle reminds me of a Masterchef finale a few years back. Remember how they interrupted the finale by inserting a renovation show in the middle of the finale?

    • Ten can’t just put up a white flag until Easter when 7 & 9 will have exhausted their franchises. They have to try something.

      If they had suggested Bondi Rescue and Show me the Movie were premium content they planned to air against the juggernauts they would have been mocked at Upfronts for not even trying. At least they gave it a shot.

      But they seem to have wasted the momentum against the Tennis by ending Celebrity too quickly with a B-grade line up that only sends people away to other channels to catch up with the couple of weeks of MKR or Married they missed.

    • “And the promos completely ruin the suprise reunions we enjoyed so much in previous seasons.” yes completely agree, i could not believe they did that!

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